FORUM+ voor Onderzoek en Kunsten | for Research and Arts

FORUM+ is a journal for Research and Arts in Belgium and the Netherlands. The journal explores the latest trends in research in the arts, which is gaining importance in higher arts education in Flanders and the Netherlands. FORUM+ stimulates the dialogue between research in the arts, critical reflection and the social context in which it is established: this way the journal offers a platform for creative approaches and critical reflections on our world.

FORUM+ is primarily aimed at researchers, teachers and students in the field of music, theater, dance and visual arts, but it also brings current developments of research in the arts to the art-loving public. For this FORUM+ delivers accessibility in form and content, positioning itself in between an academic journal and a cultural magazine. It publishes articles and visual essays in Dutch and English that stem from original research and are peer-reviewed by the editorial staff and a member of the editorial advisory board with specific expertise in this field. The editorial board also welcomes short contributions such as visual essays, podcasts, interviews, reviews and reflective essays. In this way FORUM+ provides a platform for the many ways in which research in the arts is expressed and articulated today.

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The suitcase

Wendy Morris

Muriel Leyson had been a surrogate mother to my father, stepping in to care for him at vulnerable moments in his life. As she and her two sisters became frail in their old age my father reciprocated and took care ...

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Junction Between the Senses

Umut Eldem

Synaesthesia and Cross-modality in Music

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TALOS/Talos. What sort of future do we want to see performed?

Jonas Rutgeerts and Nienke Scholts

In 2016 the Israeli choreographer Arkadi Zaides and a team of collaborators embarked on a two-year artistic research initiative based on TALOS, a European project aimed at developing a mobile robot for protecting and securing Europe’s borders. The article uses th...

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Between Realities #Athens. Or how scenography can facilitate the re-imagination of public space

Sigrid Merx

In 2016 the scenographer Thanos Vovolis organized an exhibition on the social and political dimensions of public space as a performance space. For the occasion Platform-Scenography developed an adapted version of their Between Realities exhibition. During a period of four days ...

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Dwell / Act / Transform. Three views of an exhibition on artist research

Anke Coumans, Peter Sonderen, Ruth Benschop and Sara Malou Strandvad

In November 2017 the Image in Context lectorship of Academie Minerva in Groningen took, in its annual exhibition and symposium, the way in which research is made public as its central theme with the name Artistic Research in the North. If ...

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Authors' rights in the creative economy. Perpetually a work in progress

Ellen Loots

Authors’ rights in the context of the arts is a thorny ques­tion. Ellen Loots outlines the complexity of existing legal systems and the tense relationship between moral rights and authors’ rights in relation to the dynamics of the crea­tive industry.

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The Museum of Internet

Nanó Wallenius

It has never been easier for people to get their hands on pictures and photographs. Of course many artists have realized this as well. Nowadays we see artists of various ages referencing the internet for their work.

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Against the supplement. Some reflections on artistic research


There are many misunderstandings about artistic research. Contrary to those academic trends that expect artistic research to conform to scientific standards, Dieter Lesage argues for the recognition of the arts as a specific form of writing.

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Depictions of reality. Past, present and future in a fictional framework

Neye Wynants

The artistic projects of Thomas Bellinck, Elly Van Eeghem and Chokri and Zouzou Ben Chikha share the characteristic that they depart from real historical sources. However, the result is no documentary theatre in its strict sense.

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