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FORUM+ is the journal for research and the arts in the Low Countries. It offers interested culture lovers an in-depth look at current trends in research in the fields of music, theatre, dance and the (audio-)visual arts.


Spring 2021

What happens when the arts step out of the realm of aesthetics? Our dealings with art, whether in repertoire or creation, sometimes expose societal privileges and injustices. The artists themselves know this, and all too often they are forced to occupy the harsh no man's land between voluntary recalcitrance and involuntary precarity.

What about the relationship between art and political revolution? More questions, and even a few answers, can be found in the new Spring issue of FORUM+.

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What is FORUM+?

FORUM+ is the peer-reviewed journal for research and the arts in the Low Countries. It offers interested culture lovers an in-depth look at current trends in research in the field of music, theatre, dance and visual arts at higher arts education and university.

Read our free online dossiers on drawing, co-creation, repertoire and artistic ownership; listen to inspiring podcasts or browse through critical reviews, fascinating interviews and challenging image essays.

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For the occasion, audio artist Katharina Smets transformed her contribution in the summer issue of FORUM+ 2018 into a listenable form. With the help of archive material and the voice of Willem de Wolf, she develops ‘The fragile I’, an article about the power and vulnerability of one’s own voice in, you guessed it, podcasts.

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Previous issue: Winter 2021

Even in times of crisis, art cannot take root. The way in which the arts are organised, created and historicised is often a reflection of how we organise ourselves as people. But where are the keys to a sustainable arts landscape? From parafictions and meta-realities to co-creations and business models: discover these new perspectives in the Winter issue of FORUM+.

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Retraction note to: FORUM+ (June 2020) vol. 27, no.2, pp. 43-52.

After a careful analysis of the article entitled "Black Antigones", published in volume 27 of FORUM+ for research and arts (June 2020, pp. 43-52), the editors have decided to retract this contribution because the author did not cite a source on which this article was based throughout and with sufficient accuracy. More specifically, it concerns both the introduction and a chapter of a work written by Ms A.L.B. van Weyenberg and published by Brill N.V. under the title The Politics of Adaptation (2013). Mr. Jans' article partly follows the line of thought of the book. Although the author of the original work is mentioned as one of the sources, this is not done consistently throughout.

The editorial board considers this a case of ‘sloppy science’ that is inconsistent with FORUM+ and Amsterdam University Press publication policies. For this reason, the editors have decided to retract the article from the FORUM+ website in accordance with the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) guidelines. FORUM+ highly values scientific integrity and the criteria of good research and publication practices and will include the reference to the COPE guidelines more explicitly in the author guidelines and on the website. 

The author of "Black Antigones" acknowledges the inaccuracies and is considering submitting an amended version in which Ms A.L.B. van Weyenberg's original work is more correctly identified and in which the author's own original research is given a larger share.

Nele Wynants
Editor-in-Chief FORUM+

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