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Spring 2018

metaFORUM Editorial

Institutional monitoring

Klaas Tindemans

Dit nummer van FORUM+ bevat een meer dan behartenswaardige bijdrage over de relatie tussen artistiek en wetenschappelijk onderzoek, met name in de humanities.

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In Quest of the Humanities (again). What we can learn from research in the arts

Pascal Gielen, Nele Wynants

The academisation of higher education in the past decade has led to intense discussions about what research in the arts should look like. Not infrequently it has been the universities that have set …

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ChampdAction’s LAbO. How to introduce more interdisciplinarity in higher arts education?

Guy Cools

Every year the production house for new music and the acoustic arts ChampdAction organizes a LAbO where MA students and young artists from a wide variety of disciplines such as music, the performing …

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Artistic contribution

Filmstills Het Bels Lijntje. Imagination of the memory

Maurits Wouters

In his work filmmaker Maurits Wouters explores the imagination of the collective, often blurred, memory. The medium (film, video, home video, VHS, etc.) plays an important role. He collects …

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Cassandra's Dream Song. Let's (not) talk about gender

Ine Vanoeveren

Cassandra's Dream Song (1970), the first solo piece for flute by the British 'New Complexity' composer Brian Ferneyhough, has been a controversial and gender-loaded work for decades. Western …

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Nowa plastyka. A Polish text by Piet Mondriaan

Louis Veen

Piet Mondrian was not only as a painter, but also as a writer very productive; he left behind an impressive amount of Dutch, French and English texts. [^Veen, Louis, ed. Piet Mondrian. The Complete …

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More than jazz journalism

Loes Rusch

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The vanishing point of art and mysticism

Veerle Fraeters

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metaFORUM Dialogue

Art as language. A response to Lesages "Against the supplement"

Nicolas Baeyens

A contemporary artwork can hardly exist without a concept. And a concept is still a linguistic explanation of a visual work. Sculptor Nicolas Baeyens responds to the essay by Dieter Lesage "Against …

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