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May 2022

Sometimes we need to take some time to reflect, as the authors in this new May issue do. In the various contributions, they provide us with an insight into their own journey. These contributions from a wide variety of disciplines seem to enter into an unexpected but interesting dialogue. We would also like to thank you, the reader, 'for your continuous efforts'; and above all, let us remind one another to not take each other for granted.

Ellen Schroven i.a.w. Lotte Luykx, Ceyx Evanescens ∙ Vervliegende ijsvogel, 2018, 25 cm x 32 cm


'Thank you for your continuous efforts'

Assia Bert

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Pharmakos. Adornment as a social tool

Vivi Toumoumidi

In her PhD research and accompanying publication Pharmakos , Vivi Touloumidi investigates adornment as an active agent to address social discomfort, repression, and marginalization in the public …

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Letters thought lost

Christophe Van Gerrewey, Evelien Bracke

In this article, curator Evelien Bracke and writer Christophe van Gerrewey compare the methods and themes from the most recent works of art by Ellen Schroven and the main thoughts present in “Noms de …

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Shaping the fashion of the future & the future of fashion

Johan Pas

At the international symposium Can Fashion Save the World , hosted by Antwerp University and taking place between October 20th and 22nd 2021 in context of the Responsible Fashion Series , Johan Pas …

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(Trans)literate art Artistic contribution

The 'letterzetter'. 51°24'49.8"N 5°39’19.9”E

Alexandra Crouwers

The Letterzetter [literal English translation: Letterplacer. Referring to the European Spruce Bark Beetle] is an unsightful little beetle that inflicts enormous amounts of damage to European pine …

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I want to speak your body language, or against being

Ira A. Goryainova

A text on writing through the body, filming through the body, sensorial cinema, and corporality within the context of dominant ideologies.

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Solo-chef. Roles of the performer in Light Music by Thierry De Mey

Thomas R. Moore

Thierry De Mey’s Light Music for solo conductor, projection, and interactive device was written in 2004. In 2020, Centre Henri Pousseur, De Mey, and myself decided to rethink and revise the work, …

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A circumstantial book

Nirav Christophe

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The currents of artistic research

Ned McGowan

Knowing in Performing is an anthology of thirteen writings in English and German on artistic research stemming from both a conference in 2018 and a lecture series organized by the University of Music …

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