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Summer 2019

Wendy Morris, photo: Myrthe Baptist


I'm going on a trip and I'm taking with me....

Leen Engelen

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Symbolism and the art song in Belgium (1884 ‐ 1950). A new aesthetics for music accompanying symbolist poetry

Pauline Lebbe

In the period between the 1880s and the Second World War, Belgium was an important international hub for the arts. Especially the symbolist movement found the fertile soil in this country, which is …

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Singing jazz: how do you go about it? Style, sound and the use of voice in Vocal Jazz

Katrien Van Opstal

Singing jazz: how do you go about that? Literally. Until a few years ago, I mainly used imitation and intuition to shape and select my own sound. I used to listen a lot, too. I often felt that my …

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Artistic contribution

The suitcase

Wendy Morris

The suitcase stands empty in the studio. The thousand letters once crammed into it have been sorted by date, logged, read, some typed up and others photographed. Muriel Leysen, the owner of the case …

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Oedipus on the banks of the Nile. Arabic adaptations of a Greek tragedy

Erwin Jans

More and more often, Flemish theatre is confronted with the accusation that it is ‘too white’ at all possible levels: from its internal organisation to the choice of actors and the repertoire. In …

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On the art of disappearing. Reflections on two Masterclasses by Lucas Vandervost

Rosa Lambert

In the autumn of 2018, Lucas Vandervost gave two Masterclasses, providing a view of his particular approach to (the declamation of) text in theatre. The first took place at Theater Malpertuis in …

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Sensory intersections. Synaesthesia and cross-modality in music

Umut Eldem

In the last century, scientists have discovered that some people can in fact see colours and visuals when they hear music, through the neurological condition of synaesthesia. In this article we will …

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Disruption in the research studio

Thomas Crombez

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