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February - May 2023

FORUM+ generally comes out three times a year. This time we are making an exception, accommodating the winter edition in this spring issue. This double publication presents a great diversity of contributions. At the same time, they are remarkably interwoven. Discover these connections for yourself in the February | May issue of FORUM+.

Modern Animism, installation by Patrícia Domingues in collaboration with V-A Studio, composed of natural and man-made stones such as marble, turritella agate, silicon, howlite, chrysocolla and artificial red-carnelian with gold veins. Created for Kleureyck, curated by Siegrid Demyttenaere, an initiative by the Modern Design Museum of Ghent and Lille Tripostal in 2019-2020. Created for Cold Sweat, curated by Cristina Filipe and João Norton de Matos SJ, an initiative by Lisbon Jewellery Biennial in 2021. © Patrícia Domingues and Zeb Coune.



Assia Bert, Elisa Seghers

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An encounter with the public archives of Romania. In-between personal family history and collective history

Alina Cristea

Archives are related to history, memory, and the creation of meaning. In the context of post-communist Romania, getting access to and studying the archives of communism are highly relevant to help us …

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Vagueing the city. Exploring scenographic strategies to destabilize our built environment

Philip Lüschen

How can we prevent ourselves from becoming too comfortable with adapting to human-constructed environments which seem to preclude open-ended exploration? Philip Lüschen researches his ambiguous …

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Disarming Design. Between semantic, intentional and subjective meaning

Annelys de Vet

The term disarming design has been moving through my practice as a description of a book, in the title of a design label, and a master’s programme. The words seemed poetic and nonconformist, but …

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N. The interplay between imagination and reality

Peter Krüger

N, The Madness of Reason by Peter Krüger premiered at the 2014 Berlinale. The press lauded the film as a poetic masterpiece. In 2015, the film was awarded an Ensor for best feature film, best musical …

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Artistic contribution

A fracturing practice

Patrícia Domingues

With a background in jewellery and the craft of stone cutting, I am interested in understanding how materials and landscapes are cut, fractured, and broken up and how the fragmentation and …

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Music 2.0 and artistic research. Beyond a thousand years of Western art music

Paulo de Assis

Arguing that society is going through a major civilisational transformation and claiming that Western art music has been a one thousand year-long epochal phenomenon, this paper is a plea for a …

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Laying down colours and covering up layers

Aline Verstraten

The daily life of Aline Verstraten provides a starting point for her paintings, in which her partner often appears. In this way, she explores the relationship between the intimacy of her direct …

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Broken View. Congo and the magic lantern

Hannes Verhoustraete

As an early projection device, the magic lantern was often used for colonial propaganda. For instance, to showcase and legitimize the ‘good works’ of the church in the colony. But lanterns were also …

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The theatre of the pervert. Perversity as the actor’s noble weapon

Katarina Antunovic

In this contribution, Katarina Antunovic examines the term “perversity”. She approaches the concept as a paradoxical synthesis: highly sensory and physical, but at the same time always invisible and …

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Learning trumpet with Quesalid. A study on skill and transformation

Kevin Toksöz Fairbairn

Skill acquisition entails a slow but permanent metamorphosis of the body and the self. In the arts, these transformations emerge during and through the act of performance, which can obscure the …

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Democratic politics as ‘publicing’

Rudi Laermans

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