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Fall 2018

© Dennis Tyfus, from "Punk Pong"


Showing without taming, focusing without framing

Johan Pas

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EMRUZ. New music in Iran

Liselotte Sels

New music is making a powerful comeback in Iran. A generation of young composers is reconnecting with the period before the Revolution and the Iranian diaspora. Cultural emancipation and artistic …

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Higher Art Education in Fluid Times? Do It Yourself!

Guy Bovyn

An innovative educational project aimed at interrogating the traditional studio model is due to start in the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in early 2019. Inspired by the DIY ethos of the punk movement …

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Artistic contribution

Punk Pong

Nico Dockx, Dennis Tyfus

Most of the printed material that artists Nico Dockx and Dennis Tyfus produce under their respective Curious and Ultra Eczema imprints comes into being as a result of collaboration with other …

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Fact as fiction

The private collection of Acácio Nobre. Homo universalis of the Portuguese Avant-Garde

Patrícia Portela

In 1999 Patrícia Portela was rummaging in her grandparents' cellar when she discovered a chest with texts and designs belonging to Acácio Nobre (1869-1968), a brilliant Portuguese polymath who was an …

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Missa Maria Assumpta: One of the earliest scores for clarinet now available on CD

Eugeen Schreurs

There are many persistent misconceptions about the Mariae Assumptae mass of 1720 composed in Antwerp by Johannes Adamus Faber. Indeed it was long regarded as the first known, albeit lost, score ever …

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The Orpheus Instituut and the world

Geert Callaert

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