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Summer 2018

Elly Van Eeghem, aerial photograph Park Extension Montreal 1947 © Archives Nationales de Quebec

Fact as fiction Editorial

When fact is fiction

Nele Wynants

Voorliggend nummer van FORUM+ opent een dossier over onderzoek in de kunsten waarin de ingewikkelde maar onlosmakelijke verhouding tussen feiten en fictie centraal staat en bevraagd wordt.

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Fact as fiction

TALOS/Talos. What sort of future do we want to see performed?

Jonas Rutgeerts, Nienke Scholts

In 2016 the Israeli choreographer Arkadi Zaides and a team of collaborators embarked on a two-year artistic research initiative based on TALOS, a European project aimed at developing a mobile robot …

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Fact as fiction

Between Realities #Athens. Or how scenography can facilitate the re-imagination of public space

Sigrid Merx

In 2016 the scenographer Thanos Vovolis organized an exhibition on the social and political dimensions of public space as a performance space. For the occasion Platform-Scenography developed an …

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Artistic contribution

(Dis)placed interventions. Conflicts between common and public spaces

Elly Van Eeghem

Since 2012 the artist Elly Van Eeghem has directed her gaze and lens at the way towns change. During the past six years she has worked in various urban districts in Paris, Berlin, Montreal and Ghent. …

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Fact as fiction Audio/visual

The Fragile Me. The power and vulnerability of the personal voice in podcasts

Katharina Smets

The narrators of podcasts and audio stories often use the I form. Ever since Katharina Smets evolved from a maker of radio documentaries without a personal narrator into an autobiographical …

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Ex Libris

Composers in exile: war music from the Conservatory library

Jan Dewilde

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Herman Teirlinck, the man with many lives

Toon Brouwers

Van Teirlincks familiaal leven was tot voor het verschijnen van deze biografie niet echt veel bekend. Dat hij tweemaal gehuwd was, vele vrienden en vriendinnen had, wisten we al. Dankzij grondig onderzoek heeft Van den Bossche ons een genuanceerder beeld gegeven van Teirlincks persoonlijkheid, die niet alleen interessante aspecten, maar ook minder fraaie trekken vertoonde.

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Dwell / Act / Transform. Three views of an exhibition on artist research

Anke Coumans, Peter Sonderen, Ruth Benschop, Sara Malou Strandvad

In November 2017 the Image in Context lectorship of Academie Minerva in Groningen took, in its annual exhibition and symposium, the way in which research is made public as its central theme with the …

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