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October 2022

Earlier this year, FORUM+ launched the dossier (Trans)literate art | De kunst van (ver)talen. Various contributions in this October issue will elaborate on this dossier. We invite readers to engage in further dialogue with these texts. Language, diversity and power are complex themes that constantly provoke new perspectives and continuously stimulate us to exchange our insights.

Risk Hazekamp - Topographic Landscape - Analogue photographic film negative dissolved by Cyanobacteria - 2021

(Trans)literate art Editorial

Language and inclusion: dissonance in polyphony

Assia Bert, Elisa Seghers, Nele Wynants

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(Trans)literate art

A linguistic reading of the guide Waarden voor een nieuwe taal

Sofie Decock, Sarah Van Hoof

The guide Waarden voor een nieuwe taal presents recommendations, suggestions, guidelines and examples that should result in a widely supported use of inclusive language by all possible actors within …

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Artistic contribution

Louise-Marie of Orléans’s sentimental jewellery. An artistic reactivation of material memories

Charlotte Vanhoubroeck

By engaging fiction as a method, Charlotte Vanhoubroeck brings queen Marie-Louise of Orléans’s (1812-1850) lost sentimental jewellery back to life. Vanhoubroeck has been conducting art-historical …

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Ancestral conviviality. How I fell in love with queer critters

Risk Hazekamp, Nina Lykke

Nina Lykke and Risk Hazekamp found each other in their love of micro-organisms, especially Diatoms and Cyanobacteria. A warm digital exchange followed, both in words and images, in which the voices …

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Rediscovering savant art teaching. Is the craftsmanship of art teachers shifting?

Mirjam van Tilburg

In this essay, Mirjam van Tilburg delineates a shift in the craftsmanship of art teachers in corona’s first year of crisis. Together with ten art subject teachers, she occupied artist studios in …

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Performing dedications. A contextual and artistic reflection on the dedication of the world’s first saxophone concerto

Kurt Bertels

This article focuses on the first concerto for saxophone, written in 1902 by Belgian musician Paul Gilson and dedicated to the famous American amateur saxophonist Elise Hall. With both contextual and …

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Can art be female?

Edith Cassiers

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