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Winter 2021

Even in times of crisis, art cannot take root. The way in which the arts are organised, created and historicised is often a reflection of how we organise ourselves as people. But where are the keys to a sustainable arts landscape? From parafictions and meta-realities to co-creations and business models: discover these new perspectives in the Winter issue of FORUM+.

Ode de Kort, SC’ROLL, P’OSE #8


Our shaping ability

Anke Coumans

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The (Bureau)Creative Age. A parafiction about the aftermath of the creative industry

Sarah Hendrickx

‘The (Bureau)Creative Age’ is part of visual artist Sarah Hendrickx’ doctoral research project. It is a preliminary text for a documentary film that displays the fictionality of the research centre …

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Is common space politically potent? A reflection on Raumlabor’s politico-aesthetic project

Louis Volont

In this essay, Louis Volont explores the political potency of ‘common space’ through the work of the Berlin-based architecture collective Raumlabor. The ambiguous relationship between artistic …

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Irène Fuerison. How a Ghent-based composer disappeared from the musical landscape

Pauline Lebbe

Apart from an oeuvre of some hundred opus numbers, the blind Ghent-based composer Irène Fuerison (1875-1931) barely left a trace. This means that she is completely unknown today – and unjustly so. …

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Conversation, participation and co-creation in the arts

SILENCIO. The co-creation of a New Music Theatre piece

Sef Hermans

In the 21st century, the performance practice in New Music Theatre has heavily diversified; little has been written, however, from the perspective of the actor-musician. This article focuses on the …

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Artistic contribution

SC'ROLL, P'OSE. Practice - Een artistieke methodologie voor multisensorieel leren

Ode de Kort

In Ode de Kort's artistic research project Practice - An artistic methodology towards multisensorial learning (UHasselt and PXL-MAD), the O and the U are permanent co-workers. The letters meet in a …

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A ritual of openness. The (meta-)reality of Anthony Braxton's Ghost Trance Music

Kobe Van Cauwenberghe

This article zooms in on the Ghost Trance Music compositions by the American composer Anthony Braxton. Simultaneously, it gives a broader perspective on Braxton’s oeuvre as a whole, as well as …

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Artistic innovation from within the cracks. Unlocking musical creativity

Walter van Andel, Arne Herman, Annick Schramme

Under pressure of declines in the cultural sector, many classical music organisations are reacting similarly with a turn towards predictability regarding both organisational model and artistic …

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"A drummer walks into a bar…" Kick it - A Social History of the Drum Kit

Matthias Heyman

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You are here

Elisa Seghers

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