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February 2022

This winter issue opens a new dossier on '(trans)literate art' and compiles a multifaceted assemblage of language, writing and multilingualism. Artists and educationalists, native speakers/readers and second, third or fourth language users gather their experiences. Language is a place where power manifests itself and can therefore unite or divide people, as guest editors Ahilan Ratnamohan and Ruth Loos perceptively noted. Enter our 'fragile shelter' and together, we can keep the conversation going...

Shervin/e Sheikh Rezaei, Carpet house aunt Azadeh, 2018, pencil on paper, 210 x 297 mm
From the book Ensemble: An Architecture of the Inbetween

(Trans)literate art Editorial

A fragile shelter

Ruth Loos, Ahilan Ratnamohan

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(Trans)literate art

Radical choices and incremental gains. The slow boil process of learning a new script

Ahilan Ratnamohan

Ahilan Ratnamohan deconstructs his experience learning the Tamil script, examining the personal experience and the typographical construction of the letters parallel to each other. He uses a sort of …

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(Trans)literate art Dialogue

Inbetween East and West. An architectural ensemble

Ine Engels

Dialogue with Shervin/e Sheikh Rezaei Date: July 22, 2021 and October 22, 2021 ENSEMBLE: An Architecture of the Inbetween is the book by architect and artist Shervin/Sheikh Rezaei published at the …

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(Trans)literate art Artistic contribution

Multi scripts - Blended type family stories

Lisa Huang 黄丽莎, Garine Gokceyan, Loraine Furter, Naïma Ben Ayed, Émilie Aurat

Multi Scripts – Blended Type Family Stories is a collective research-in-progress about multi-script typography. Partial and situated rather than universalist, it aims to be reflective, critical, …

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(Trans)literate art

Languages and the conservatoire: A state of the challenge in music and dance education

Joanna Britton

Despite increasing internationalization, to date there has been little research into the language use of students in performing arts education at tertiary level. This article outlines a framework for …

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(Trans)literate art

Release me of my passport. Co-creation in a multilingual and polyphonic group of artists

Jozefien Stevens, Ruth Loos

Sint Lucas Antwerp and De Connectie (Fameus) share their experiences about participatory creation with a multilingual group of students and artistic newcomers. Attention will be paid to non-western …

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(Trans)literate art Review

Does Dante have to be agreeable?

Sabine Verhulst

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